Call for Proposals

The Media Architecture Biennale is a week-long event featuring keynotes, workshops, symposia, panels, awards, and exhibitions.

It’s meant to encourage further research on DIY culture and cultural and creative “third places”. Conducting and promoting research on the pursuit of creative solutions and opportunities for social and cultural benefit holds valuable lessons, and applicability, for many other sectors. As such, this symposium seeks to explore the value and exceptionality of these spaces through a range of disciplinary lenses.

People viewing media installation that's inside a shipping containter under an underpass in Toronto, ON

We are seeking contributions on the following, but not limited to, topics:

  • The value, dynamics, implications, and challenges of DIY culture in an urban ecosystem, and at this particular juncture (public gathering restrictions, shock to the broader industry, local infrastructure, venues, urban planning)

  • Fostering dialogue and collaborations between DIY cultural communities, policy makers, and private partners, locally and internationally, around shared incentives and concrete solutions to space use

  • Ways to stimulate opportunities for Toronto-based emergent, independent culture and infrastructure, locally and internationally – with a focus on under-served, marginalized communities

  • Management processes and issues. How to manage alternative spaces? How are these approaches organised and how are stakeholders mobilised within them for a greater impact of culture? What are the management choices (funding, philanthropy, partnership, profit-sharing, HR etc.)?

  • Emerging challenges, impacts and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic for DIY spaces and access to resources for artists in urban ecosystems.

  • Developments in research methodologies and creative practices to properly investigate and capture the many dimensions of the DIY culture

  • Historical and contemporary forces that dismantle existing or prevent the development of future DIY communities and practices (gentrification, demographic change, capitalist notions of value)

Submission Form

Please upload a 400-word abstract here (Word or PDF) by September 26th, 2021, highlighting the research’s significance, scope, methodology and (expected) results.

Authors will be notified by October 7th, 2021.