Organizing Committees

Executive Committee

Image of Dave Colangelo

General Chair /
Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly ryerson)

Image of Vincent Hui

Executive Committee member / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly ryerson)

Image of Malini Guha

Executive Committee Member / Carleton University

Image of May Chew

Executive Committee Member / Concordia University

Image of Patricio Dávila

Executive Committee Member / York University

Image of Immony Mèn

Executive Committee Member / OCAD University

Image of Bhavya Malhotra

Bhavya Malhotra

Communications Coordinator / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly ryerson)

Image of Noor Bhangu

Noor Bhangu

Event Coordinator / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly ryerson)

Advisory Board

Image of Lauren Cramer

Advisory Board Member / University of toronto

Image of Joanne Dallaire

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER / ELDER / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly ryerson)

Image of Martijn de Waal​

Advisory Board MembeR / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Image of Kristy Kang

Advisory Board MembeR / NTU Singapore

Image of Mpho Matsipa

Advisory Board Member / Columbia GSAPP

Image of Ana Rita Morais

Advisory Board Member / George Brown College

Image of Marília Pasculli

Advisory Board Member / VERVE Cultural Sao Paolo

Image of Jeff Schnabel

Advisory Board Member / Portland State University

Image of Niels Wouters

Advisory Board Member / Paper Giant -Melbourne


Paper Chairs

Glenda Caldwell / QUT

Joel Fredericks / University of Sydney

Elise Hodson / Aalto University


Workshop Chairs

David Han / University of Toronto

Luke Hespanhol / University of Sydney

Marius Hogenmüller / University of Sydney

Jessica Thompson / University of Waterloo


Publication Chairs

Kristina Knox / University of Queensland

Ian Callender / Columbia GSAPP

Annie Dell’Aria / University of Miami


Explorations and Prototypes Chairs

Victor Perez Amado / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)

Martin Tomitsch / University of Sydney

Alexander Wiethoff / LMU Munchen

Andrew Vande Moere / KU Leuven


Equity, Access, and Belonging Chairs

Tiana Osborne / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)

Madeline Smith / Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)

Industry Chairs

David Biancardi / AV&C

Cheryl Catteral / Moment Factory

Shanti Chang / StrongLED China

M. Hank Haeusler / UNSW

Glenn Harding / UTV

Amahl Hazelton / Moment Factory

Susan Oliver / Plenty


Awards Chairs

Gideon D’Arcangelo / Arup

Thomas Schielke / ERCO

Sharon Switzer / NNMML

Tanya Toft Ag / Urban Media Art Academy

Gernot Tscherteu / MAI


Student Exhibition / Awards Chairs

Juan Carlos Carvajal B. / City Lab Berlin

Jeanette Cosentini / RISD

Michelle Ng / University of Toronto

Ava Pouralborz / University of Toronto